Driving With No Insurance – Find the Best Lawyers in Glasgow

It is illegal to drive a vehicle on a public road without at least third party insurance. IF caught driving a vehicle which you yourself are not insured on you could risk a £300 fine and six penalty points on your license. In the instance that a case goes to court for driving with no insurance you could receive an unlimited fine or become disqualified from driving. In some cases, your vehicle could even become seized or you could find your vehicle destroyed. Find out more about driving with no insurance here.

If the land which you are driving on. Cannot be accessed by the public, there is no insurance required. All roads and lanes which are publicly accessible do however require car insurance and so it is important to ensure you are covered. Due to number plate recognition cameras, the police can see whether a car is insured or not and so if stopped you will be asked to present your documents. If the documents are out of date for that specific time of being stopped you will be liable for paying the fine.

In some cases your policy may have been cancelled without your knowledge, This will result in the possibility of having a defence in court. In the case that the vehicle does not belong to you, the police will have the ability to seize or destroy the vehicle for driving with no insurance.

Over the last months driving without insurance has seen many drivers go to court. The expertise from Sheridon Road Traffic Law has meant that 100% of their clients have been charged as not guilty or avoided any penalty points over this year.

Most drivers do arrange suitable insurance cover but are then prosecuted due to the policy not aligning with their knowledge. In some situations, drivers believe that their insurance policy covers them to drive second or third party vehicles however often this becomes invalidated and the client is wrongly advised.

The thorough knowledge of Sheridan Road Law allows for drivers who are wrongly convicted to receive justice and leave the court without any penalties or fine.

You could protect your driver’s license with the help of Sheridan Road Law. Your car is incredibly important to your everyday life and losing the ability to use it could easily cause interruptions and havoc. Ensuring that you can rightly leave the court room without the implications of an offense will ensure you can continue using your car and getting from A to B.