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Are you struggling with relationships? Discovering Choices (B-30) is a powerful recovery tool that will help you learn how to apply the 12 Steps, the 12 Traditions, the 12 Concepts, literature, service, meetings, or sponsorship to recovery in your interpersonal relationships. Relationship topics addressed are: Acting as if; Appearances; Choices; Decision-Making; Dignity; Escapism; Focusing on Myself; Home group; Minding my own Business; Patterns, Repeated; Principles above Personalities; and Wisdom. Through the readings in this new book, we learn to define ourselves and our relationships that can bring about healing from the devastating effects of the disease of alcoholism.

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WSO has asked us what pamphlets should be included in newcomers packets. The pamphlets vary but usually include pamphlets such as Guide for the Family of the Alcoholic (P-7), Purpose and Suggestions (P-13), Al-Anon Spoken Here (P-53), So You Love an Alcoholic (P-14), and Dear Mom and Dad (P-67).

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May 2008

"Living with Sobriety:...Another Beginning" p.34

    Growing up in an alcoholic home resulted in my almost never being aware of my honest thoughts and feelings.  I remember always feeling sad, lonely, fearful and usually "performed" what I thought was expected to get my needs met.

    Adult relationships kept me guessing how I was coming across, often unable to really listen to others in my own self-centeredness.

    In my relationships with men I experienced great difficulty trusting myself and my partners. I have experienced a failed marriage with a "sober" man and it was certainly far from ideal. I thought for sure I would be immune from lies and abuse, but found manipulation and control present despite many years of recovery for us both.

    In my recovery today, I continue to learn and grow with each relationship I experience. More importantly, I have embarked on an exciting journey of discovering who Kathy really is, loving and respecting her, myself. I'm learning how to listen and not assume, as well as, how to let go of past hurts and expectations. I'm not afraid of being me anymore! The journey of recovery is such a Gift!

Kathy K.
Roanoke/Allegheny District
Literature Coordinator




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